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October 12, 2017

8% of B2B Buyers Never Received a Bad Sales Call

QuanticMind Raises $20 Million for Predictive Ad Buying

Business Wire

Is it even news when a company raises money to apply machine learning to media buying? I’m not sure, but let’s give QuanticMind the benefit of the doubt and mention their $20 million Series B. QuanticMind helps companies buy paid search and social ads. The new round brings their total funding to $30 million.

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Marketers See Promise in AI But Remain Skeptical: Forrester Report for Amplero


What’s that? You just can’t read enough about artificial intelligence? Ok, then here’s more: a very good Forrester study, sponsored by Amplero. General finding was marketers see AI as helping overcome otherwise-unmanageable data volumes. But attitudes are mixed: while 86% believe AI can provide value, 78% think human intervention is necessary to guide AI, 42% fear AI could make their job irrelevant, and 36% don’t think AI in marketing is “currently real”.

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D&B Survey: 8% of B2B Buyers Have Never Received a Bad Sales Call

Dun & Bradstreet

Here’s another good study, although it’s not about AI. Our friends at Dun & Bradstreet looked at the State of Sales Acceleration and found that good data is important (no surprise) and that a slim majority (51%) of buyers feel sales and marketing communications have improved in recent years (more surprising). One disconnect: salespeople estimate they spend an average two hours researching each prospect before calling them, but buyers' biggest complaint is still lack of basic research by callers. Factoid of the day: U.S. buyers receive eight sales calls per week while UK buyers receive 32 calls per week. Bonus factoid: 8% of buyers said they have never received a bad sales call.

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