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October 18, 2017

Is Customer Experience Really King?

Experience, Not Price, Drives Brand Loyalty: Blackhawk Network Survey

Blackhawk Network

Plenty of surveys, including this one from Euclid, show that retail shoppers ultimately care more about price than experience. But long-term brand relationships are something else. Incentive program provider Blackhawk Network found that consumers rank customer experience, convenience and payment process far above price as reasons they remain loyal how to a brand. How far? Good customer experience was cited by 94% while low price was cited by just 57%.

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Emotional Connection Is Key to Brand Relevance: Prophet Study


But maybe experience isn’t enough? Heresy! Yet a fascinating report on “brand relevance” by the marketing consultancy Prophet found that consumers ranked Apple, Google, and Amazon as most relevant to their lives, while social networks Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat didn’t even make the top 50. The difference, according to Prophet, is the social networks don’t connect emotionally with their customers.

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Brand Customers Matter More than Brand Image: Chadwick Martin Bailey

Chadwick Martin Bailey

More heretical still: the brand's image matters less than the image of the brand’s customers. So argues research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, which has just introduced AffinID Score, a way to measure how strongly consumers identify with their image of a brand’s consumer. “Strategic brands don’t win on price: they win on tribe,” says the research firm’s head of consumer psychology.

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