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October 24, 2017

Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Protagonist Reads the Web to Uncover Effective Brand Stories


Look, I’m as tired as you are of reading about artificial intelligence. But unless you want three articles about chatbot funding (here, here, and here), you’ll probably appreciate learning about Protagonist, a firm that analyzes Web data with AI to uncover the stories that customers want to hear and how to deliver them. The technology originated at the White House and National Security Council, which may not add to their credibility but presumably makes a good story.

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Breaking Data Corp to Help Media Fight Fake News


One problem with letting a computer decide which stories are effective is it may not care whether those stories are also true. Come to think of it, that’s a problem with people too. Breaking Data Corp. has an app for that: it scans the Web for news events, verifies them, and flags fake news. If you can believe their press release.

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Return Path Offers Database of Email Campaign  Performance

Return Path

How about finding ideas the old fashioned way: by stealing them? Email deliverability experts Return Path have just enhanced their competitive intelligence tool with a database of millions of emails sorted by subject line, industry, and campaign type. The database also shows performance metrics so marketers can see which ideas are worth, shall we say, learning from.

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