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October 26, 2017

Amperity CDP Raises $28 Million Series B

Just-Launched Amperity CDP Raises $28 Million Series B

PR Newswire

Customer Data Platform vendor Amperity, which launched its product just last month, has closed a $28 million Series B funding. The new round brings total funding to $37 million. Amperity was founded in 2016.

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Segment CDP Adds Calculated Audiences and Traits


CDP vendor Segment announced Personas, a new feature that lets users define calculations that assign customers to audience segments or create traits such as favorite product category. Calculations draw on unified customer profiles built by Segment; audiences and traits can be automatically shared with 200+ systems through existing Segment connectors. Personas will be rolled out during 2018.

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Predictive Analytics Vendor Infer Sold to ESW Capital

Ignite Technologies

B2B predictive analytics vendor Infer has been sold to ESW Capital, which will fold it into ESW’s Ignite Technologies affiliate. Infer assembles profiles by scanning the Web for news and company information, and combines these with clients’ own marketing automation and CRM data. ESW is on a martech buying spree, having also purchased Infobright DB, Jive, ThinkVine, Placeable and FirstRain in the past year.

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