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October 27, 2017

What Do Software Buyers Want?

Siftery Identifies Common Replacement Products for Business Software

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Siftery builds a database of which companies use which products, built with information that community members submit about their companies. It has several services that leverage this information to help buyers decide what to purchase based on what similar companies are doing. The latest is addition looks for changes in members’ product stacks and deduces which products most often replace other products. It’s an interesting shortcut but shouldn’t replace the hard work of understanding your requirements and product capabilities.

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45% of Companies Use a Major Martech Suite: Resulticks Survey


Then again, why struggle to pick different products when you can buy one suite that does it all? Almost half (45%) of the companies in this survey from omnichannel marketing vendor Resulticks said they had taken the suite route. Another 15% are using siloed solutions, 19% have integrated their silos into a best-of-breed stack, and 21% have no martech stack at all. Hard to know what that last group would be doing. The survey has lots of interesting information about marketers’ attitudes towards different types of software: for example, big data is most exhausting, personalization and real-time marketing are most energizing, and artificial intelligence makes them most skeptical. Speaking of skeptical: I doubt 45% of companies use a major marketing suite.

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Better Data Lets Amazon Ad Buying System Threaten Google’s Lead


When it comes to picking ad buying systems, the software is less important than the data it can access. That’s the moral of this Digiday report that Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) is now tied with Google among ad buying agencies. Amazon’s software isn’t especially great but it has exclusive access to Amazon’s data on individual consumers’ shopping history. Low price and self-service options also weigh in Amazon’s favor.

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