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November 1, 2017

New Places to Find Location Data

Factual SDK Exposes User Location Intelligence to App Developers


Location data reveals more than where you are. Factual, which has a proprietary dataset of more than 130 million businesses and points of interest around the world, has released a mobile SDK that looks at things like business operating hours, speed and direction of travel, and device usage patterns to infer the situation of each user. The SDK lets mobile apps use the information to tailor their offers or other actions.

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AdTheorent Bases Ad Pricing on Incremental Store Visits

Business Wire

One major use for location data is measuring the impact of online advertising by connecting it with subsequent retail store visits. Placed Attribution does exactly that. AdTheorent has just taken the logical next of using the Placed Attribution data as the basis for a “cost per incremental visit” ad pricing model that charges based on estimating not merely many store visitors saw an ad, but how many would (or wouldn’t) have visited without the ad. They base their estimates on a map of 600 million devices mapped to 90 million U.S. households and scads of data about each household.

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Cuebiq Launches Data for Good Initiative to Leverage Location Information


We live in crass times but the folks at location intelligence company Cuebiq are at least trying to use their data for non-commercial purposes. They just launched a “Data for Good” initiative that makes anonymous location information available to universities and other nonprofit organizations for things like improving quality of life and natural disaster response. Cuebiq gathers data on 61 million monthly active U.S. smartphone users through over 180 mobile apps.

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