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November 13, 2017

Less Hype, More Results for Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing Moving Past Pilot Stage: Sirius Decisions Study

Sirius Decisions

Does it seem you've heard a little less hype about Account Based Marketing recently? It’s not your imagination: the Google Trends line has been pretty much flat since January. But that could just mean that ABM has moved past hype to adoption. Sirius Decisions’ 2017 State of Account Based Marketing report found the percentage of ABM users who have moved past pilots to full deployment grew from 40% to 62% since their 2016 study. Perhaps more important, 91% of respondents said ABM was creating larger deal sizes and 60% credited it with higher influenced revenue.

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Most ABM Users Are Just Getting Started: DemandGen Report

DemandGen Report

DemandGen Report also found ABM users were happy: 74% of respondents to their 2017 ABM Benchmark Survey said programs were either meeting (54%) or exceeding expectations (20%). But they saw a less mature market: 75% of respondents had defined their ABM strategy within the past 12 months and 56% said they were still testing.

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Agencies Say Marketers Are Confused About ABM: Demandbase Report


Finally, here’s a report from Demandbase and Wakefield Research on agency adoption of ABM. They found 66% of respondents are doing ABM work for their clients today and 70% of the rest plan to do it in the future. They didn’t comment on revenue impact but 91% said ABM improved sales and marketing alignment, one of ABM’s key selling points. More evidence of an immature market: 45% said clients don’t understand ABM and 32% have clients who think they’re using ABM but are not.

Looking for still more on ABM? eMarketer has compiled a study with research from many sources. They found different surveys give wildly different answers to questions about adoption. But you knew that.

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