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November 15, 2017

Twins Separated at Birth

Panoply Unveils Self-Configuring Cloud Data Warehouse

Business Wire

Among my many pet peeves are vendor claims to have the first product in a market. Today’s items are important even though they’re not as unique as promised. We’ll start with Panoply, which has just released its “smart cloud data warehouse”. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically enrich, transform, and optimize complex data. That’s really important, since those tasks are major obstacles to customer data unification. So important, in fact, that we also wrote last week about Qubole’s similar-sounding product.

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NinthDecimal Releases Web-to-Store Attribution Product


Connecting online advertising to offline sales is another important topic. NinthDecimal has a massive location database and tracks movements of more than 195 million people per month. It has just launched what it calls the “industry’s first website-to-store attribution solution” to measure incremental lift in store visits resulting from online advertising. If that sounds familiar, perhaps you’re remembering AdTheorent’s recent announcement about ad pricing based on incremental store visits

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Q-nomy Launches Journey Optimization App Market

Business Wire

Q-nomy caught my eye with the “world’s first app market dedicated to omnichannel customer journey optimization”. Even setting aside claims to be first, that would be interesting. But if you look more closely, you find that what Q-nomy describes as “customer journey and experience optimization” software is basically appointment scheduling and queue management. Nothing wrong with that but decidedly unsexy. So much so that I never got around to publishing the news that another queue management vendor, QLess, raised $5.5 million earlier this month. QLess also inflate their brand by describing their business as “customer interaction management”.

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