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November 17, 2017

Segment CDP Announces GDPR Compliance Features

Segment CDP Announces GDPR Compliance Features


We’re seeing a new round of scare headlines as companies realize they’re not ready for GDPR, the strict European Union privacy regulations that go into effect next May. It’s an opportunity for Customer Data Platform vendors, whose solutions can help companies meet GDPR requirements to show data they're storing about consumers  and allow changes or deletions. Segment has just announced new capabilities to do this; so have others including Fospha, RedEye, BlueVenn (all UK-based), Tealium, and mParticle.

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SteelHouse AI Replaces Media Planners, Buyers, Lunchers

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This newsletter has written more about GDPR than our readers wanted to see. But we’ve written still more about artificial intelligence, just because it’s so darned cool. Latest installment: self-service adtech vendor SteelHouse has announced Dynamic Spend Optimization, which lets users specify a budget, goal, and launch date and sit back as AI allocates the budget across channels, spends it, and optimizes results. It’s designed for companies that want to replace agencies with an in-house media operation. Unconfirmed rumor: roadmap includes OpenTable integration so the software can also take marketers to lunch.

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Ad Fraud Remains Common But There's Hope: RhythmOne Study


One of the problems with taking humans out of the media buying process is that ad fraud and brand safety problems can go undetected. Programmatic ad platform RhythmOne reports it blocked just over one-third of all potential inventory due to fraud or performance concerns last June – September.  Rates are similar with previous periods but better options are emerging: fraud is lower on mobile app inventory than desktops; private marketplaces offer higher quality options; and ads.txt is helping to prevent unauthorized selling by fraudsters.

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