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November 22, 2017

Three CDP Vendors Reach Deloitte Fast 500

Five Most Valuable Brands Are All Tech Giants: Millward Brown

Millward Brown

I had intended to focus on good news today, in the Thanksgiving Spirit and all that. But news of the Uber privacy breach (57 million people affected; they hid it for a year and paid hackers to cover it up), FCC’s intent to end Net Neutrality, and a less-reported FCC vote to support the privacy-reducing Nex Gen TV standard make that hard, whether you’re thinking about the big Internet companies or consumers. But here’s something the Internet giants can be thankful for: according to Millward Brown, the worlds five most valuable brands are Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook.

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Consumers Are Cranky But Still Love New Toys

Crimson Hexagon

Those brand values don’t do anything for consumers. Indeed, a Crimson Hexagon study of social media comments found crankiness about almost everything. Sentiment was sharply negative about artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, privacy, and even ride-sharing services. In fact, the only "joyful" conversation was about eating at home. Still looking for a bright side: industry marketing group CTAM found that Internet of Things early adopters are super-excited about things like floating holographic displays, devices that “get to know me”, and intelligent lists that “trawl the Internet and make valuable recommendations”. A study from password management vendor Keeper Security found similar enthusiasm for “IoT toys”, combined with a charming ignorance of related security risks.

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Three Customer Data Platforms Reach Deloitte Fast 500 List


Let’s end on a positive note: three firms that I classify as Customer Data Platforms made it onto the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list issued last week. They were Datorama (ranked 35 with 5,149% growth rate), Signal (rank 193 with 548% growth rate), and Tealium (rank 195 with 538% growth rate). Congratulations to them and happy Thanksgiving to all.

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