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November 2, 2016

Fospha Buys iJento, Datorama Links with LiveRamp, Dataiku Takes $14 Million

Fospha Buys iJento to Merge Customer Data, Journey, and Analytics


Customer analytics vendor Fospha has purchased customer data platform and journey manager iJento to create unified offering.   Both firms are in the portfolio of technology investment firm Blenheim Chalcot, which purchased iJento in March 2016.

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Datorama Adds LiveRamp Data to Improve Omni-Channel Marketing Measurement


Datorama has integrated with LiveRamp IdentityLink for cross-device customer tracking.  This will improve the accuracy of Datorama’s campaign targeting and analytics.  Datorama qualifies as a CDP but its primary focus is ad performance measurement.

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Dataiku Raises $14 Million for Its Predictive Application Development Platform


Dataiku has received a $14 million Series A investment to expand its integrated predictive application development platform.  The system combines data ingestion, preparation, analysis, visualization, workflow, predictive analytics, collaboration, and deployment.  It works on several big data platforms and runs primarily in-house.  This is a generic system, not specifically for marketing.  But it illustrates the continued maturation of the technologies that underlie CDPs.

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