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November 28, 2017

What's on Your Mind?

Jumpshot Uses Mobile Panel to Expose Behaviors Inside Walled Gardens

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Sometimes what companies do is less interesting than how they choose to present it. For example, Jumpshot tracks consumer behavior with a global panel of 100 million devices. They’ve chosen to describe that as a way to “unlock walled-garden data” so marketers can connect ad exposures to behaviors inside walled garden domains like Amazon and Google. They’re also positioning themselves as a campaign optimization solution, another hot topic. Two trends for the price of one.

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DataRobot Adds “Human-Interpretable” AI


Along the same lines: automated machine learning vendor DataRobot chose to headline its latest product enhancements as “human-interpretable AI”. They’ve noticed that people want AI systems to explain for their decisions, something that doesn't come naturally.  If you’re really paranoid, you'll wonder whether AI will give true explanations or just whatever it learns is most likely to get its decisions accepted.

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SaaS Funding Shifts Away from Martech, Adtech, CRM: Crozdesk Report


Companies position themselves to investors as well as buyers. Business software discovery portal Crozdesk found this year's hottest funding categories have been financial technology (yes, “fintech”) and analytics including AI and Big Data. Funding dropped for advertising, sales, and marketing (one category) and CRM. Also hot: Integration as a Service that lets “citizen integrators” to connect systems for themselves and products for specific industries (vertical solutions) rather than generic (horitzontal) solutions. An intriguing paper if you’re into this sort of thing.

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