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November 29, 2017

Paying Consumers for Their Data

IOTA Foundation Launches Blockchain-Based Data Marketplace

IOTA Foundation

IOTA is a distributed ledger (blockchain) system with no transaction fees. If that’s not enough to get you excited, how about this: they’ve just launched a pilot version of a data marketplace that will let owners sell data streams, mostly from Internet of Things devices. Whoa Nelly, eh? In theory, people could sell personal data streams too. The “no transaction fee” part of IOTA makes it all possible, since otherwise the transaction fees would make micropayments for data impractical.

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Dabbl Pays Consumers to Watch Ads

Business Wire

If you just can’t wait to sell your personal data, the good folks at Dabbl have already opened a “trustworthy attention marketplace” that pays consumers for interacting with brand advertising. As Dabbl points out, it gives consumers “something smart and satisfying to do in their downtime” on their smartphone. No wasted time talking to Mom or seeing what Sean had for lunch.

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29% of Consumers Find Personalized Offers ‘Creepy’: Oracle Research


Is there anyone left who’d rather keep their personal data private? Yes, but a minority according to an Oracle survey of 15,000 consumers. While 29% felt offers based on social media data are “creepy”, many more (50%) would be attracted to personalized offers based on browsing behavior, loyalty data, and purchase history. Other things a minority found creepy: delivery drones (26%), automatic grocery replenishment (33%), and robot assistance in a dressing room (39%).

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