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December 4, 2017

A Few Good Surveys

Winning Retailers Focus on Customer Engagement: RSR Research

RSR Research

You weren’t that interested last week in many of the surveys we covered. But I’ll try again today with a few that I find exceptionally useful. First comes from RSR Research and takes a close look at customer engagement strategies and technologies for retailers. It provides lots of details and especially interesting comparison between responses of successful and not-so-successful companies. Spoiler alert: winners for on customer engagement; laggards focus on financial metrics.

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Personalization Strategy Correlates with Profit Growth: Monetate Report


This survey from Monetate looks only at personalization, but extends beyond retail to include financial services and travel and hospitality (with separate data for each). Lots of details about technologies, marketing methods, data sources, channels, buying intentions, obstacles, and more.  Key finding: companies with formal plans and financial incentives for personalization are more likely to have rising profits than those that don’t. Also, North American marketers are significantly ahead of UK marketers in personalization deployment.

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Isobar Report Offers Fresh Insights about Future Tech


This study from digital agency Isobar, a Dentsu subsidiary, isn’t a survey but it presents some exceptionally fresh insights into the future of business and technology. It's not just AI – in fact, the most interesting changes will be how humans engage with the real world (and each other).

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