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November 3, 2016

Axway Introduces AMPLIFY, Progress Launches DataDirect, MDM Institute Sees Growing Demand

Axway Introduces Next Generation Data Integration and Engagement Platform


Axway today announced AMPLIFY, a new data integration and engagement platform that exposes separate data sources as API-enabled services.  It is also introducing a marketplace of prebuilt services and templates to speed development of applications drawing on the exposed data.  Axway started in 2001 as a rules engine and evolved to focus on API-enabled data integration.  Its technology is used by more than 11,000 organizations worldwide.  AMPLIFY isn't a CDP because it doesn’t create a unified, persistent database.  But API integration does meet some CDP requirements.

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Progress DataDirect Eases Access to Cloud and On-Premises Data


Speaking of data connections, Progress recently announced “the first vendor-agnostic hybrid connector that provides secure firewall-friendly access to back-office data from any cloud, independent of vendor or technology.”  I’m pairing this with the Axway item to remind you that there are, in fact, many data connection options out there.  Why bring up data connections at all?  Because all the data you need won’t necessarily be copied into your internal marketing database and because data integration needs extend beyond marketing.

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MDM Institute Finds Growing Demand for Master Data Management Specialists

Information Management

Corporate data management seems to be the topic of the day, so let’s finish up with news from the MDM Institute, which reports a sharp uptick in interest in master data management skills.  Institute president Aaron Zornes has found 160,000 members in groups relevant to MDM, RDM (Reference Data Management) and data governance.  Although CDPs are often built because corporate MDM projects don’t move quickly enough, the MDM community has many skills important for CDP success.

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