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December 6, 2017

The Quest for Brand Safety

News Corp Promises Brand Safe Ad Platform

News Corp

The Yiddish term “chutzpah” has been defined as someone who murders his parents and then asks for mercy because he’s an orphan. Speaking of which: News Corp, owner of Fox News, has merged their U.S. first party data to create a “brand safe” ad audience platform of more than 140 million people. “In a world of fake news and fraudulent metrics, News IQ offers advertisers a clear solution: quality audience, quality data, and quality environments,” says a presumably straight-faced News Corp executive in the press release.

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YouTube Boosts Content Moderation Staff to Over 10,000


Google-owned YouTube has its own brand safety issues. Faced with sporadic pressure from advertisers, they just announced they will increase their content moderators and related staff to over 10,000, reportedly a 25% increase. For context: Google parent Alphabet had 72,000 employees in 2016.  They’re also relying heavily on machine learning and considering which channels should be banned from showing ads. Making things even more complicated, advertisers can’t fully control their placements: ads still appear for companies that announced they were withdrawing all YouTube advertising.

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Amobee Launches Brand Safety and Anti-Fraud Program


There’s probably a Yiddish proverb about every cloud having a silver lining, but I don’t know it. In the meantime, ad buying platform Amobee is treating brand safety and fraud prevention as promotable features. Amobee scans programmatic inventory from more than fifteen exchanges, filtering suspicious bids, fraudulent mobile apps, and objectionable content. Buyers get refunds if verified errors slip through.

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