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December 12, 2017

Better Tools for Marketing in Mobile Apps

Swiftic Mobile App Builder Adds Social Influencer Version

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Here’s some product news: do-it-yourself mobile app creation vendor Swiftic (formerly Como and, before that, Conduit Mobile) has launched a version to help social media influencers monetize their audiences. Swiftic’s core market is small businesses, which pay roughly $50 per month for apps that integrate a variety of services including loyalty programs, appointments, coupons, push notifications, and deliveries. They have over 20,000 customers.

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Leanplum Adds Campaign Flows for Mobile Marketing

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Sticking with mobile: mobile marketing platform Leanplum has added Campaign Composer, which lets users build multi-channel, event-triggered campaign flows. Although the focus is tailoring in-app experience, messages can also be delivered via mobile push, Web push, and email. Leanplum can also import data from CRM and other channels to create a full-fledged customer profile.

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Consumers Lack Emotional Ties to Social Networks: MBLM Survey


You probably don’t need convincing that mobile is important, although it’s always fun to see surveys like this one, which found that people are more willing to give up wifi than sex and 7% have combined them by checking their smartphone during sex. More surprising is this brand intimacy study from agency MBLM, which found that consumers have much deeper emotional ties to companies that deliver products and entertainment than the social networks they access on their mobile devices. Top three brands were Apple, Disney, and Amazon, while Google ranked 14 and Facebook was 68. In a world where close brand relationships may be the key to future success, this is interesting.

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