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December 13, 2017

Reality Makes a Comeback

Accenture Report: Physical and Digital Experiences Will Blur


Here’s a crazy thought: people might actually start paying attention to reality. The deep thinkers at Accenture just listed “physical fights back” as one of seven major trends that will impact business in the coming year. But digital isn’t entirely dead: Accenture forecasts a blending of digital and physical experience.

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New Funding for Real-World Tech Vendors


Maybe we can name a new category of “realtech”. Certainly there’s money to be had. Today’s news includes three funding announcements related to physical experiences: $15 million for Bizzabo, which provides cloud-based event management software; $20 million for OTA Insight, which captures real-time information used to optimize pricing in the hospitality industry; and $30 million for Dreamscape Immersive which will install virtual reality entertainment centers at shopping malls, movie theaters and other amusement venues.

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Arrivalist Connects Digital Ads with Real-World Store Visits


Location data from mobile devices may be the most important tool connector between digital and physical experiences. Arrivalist captures information from more than 120 million devices, including ads they’ve displayed and where they’ve physically been. It combines these to estimate the impact of advertising on store traffic. They just released a 3.0 version which includes cross-device tracking of individuals and multi-touch attribution.

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