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December 15, 2017

Is Privacy News an Oxymoron?

Value of Personal Data Depends on Who You Ask: Trustwave Research


A happy reader of this newsletter told me recently that what he likes is knowing when nothing important has happened. Ouch! But fair enough, and today is one of those days. So let’s talk about a clever Trustwave study that calculated the different values placed on personal data by security professionals, insurers, regulators, and cyber criminals. Turns out, the market value of your data to criminals is insultingly low. No information on the values assigned by marketers or the consumers themselves.

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GDPR Compliance Will Cost Most Firms Over $1 Million Per Year: Forrester Study


Of course, topic #1 in privacy circles is still GDPR. This Forrester study, sponsored by Evidon, found that 58% of big companies expect to spend more than $1 million every year to stay in compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy rules. In the finest lemonade-from-lemons tradition, Forrester argues compliance will create new business opportunities. And all those people whose homes were flooded in Houston now get the new kitchen of their dreams!

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Privacy Concerns Limit Consumer Willingness to Share Data for Personalization: Accenture Survey


Snark aside, I think Forrester is right. Accenture agrees: they found that 44% of consumers are frustrated by lack of personalization but 49% worry about privacy when they subscribe to data-driven services. More than half (58%) would switch to a company that personalizes without compromising trust.

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