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November 4, 2016

Walker Sands Martech Survey, Adobe Sensei Takes a Bow, Weber Shandwick Survey on AI

Greetings from Lake Wobegon: Walker Sands Survey Finds 60% of Marketers Are Innovators or Early Adopters

Customer Experience Matrix

Walker Sands and Chief Martech released a State of Marketing Technology 2017 survey whose respondents rated 48% of their companies and 60% of themselves personally as innovators or early adopters of marketing technology.  Those figures seem impossibly high but let's blame a skewed survey audience.  More plausible findings were that 69% used a multiple marketing vendors vs 27% used a single-vendor suite.  Just 20% cited integration as a key to fully leveraging their marketing stack, well behind concerns including strategy (39%), analytics (36%) and training (33%).  Only 13% said their IT department was responsible for Martech.

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Adobe Sensei Enters the Artificial Intelligence Tournament


Move over, Watson and Einstein.  Adobe has introduced its own cutely-named artificial intelligence technology, modestly called Sensei (“master”).  Services will include audience targeting, document analysis, and image matching.  This is one competition that Oracle has already lost by choosing the utterly pedestrian label of Adaptive Intelligent Apps.  What, they couldn’t afford the rights to Leisure Suit Larry?

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Weber Shandwick Survey: Consumers Expect Positive Impact from AI Despite Job Losses

Weber Shandwick

And what do consumers’ think about AI?  A survey by Weber Shandwick found they're remarkably optimistic: seven times more expect a positive than negative impact from AI on social and their personal lives.  This despite the fact that 82% expected AI to lead to job loss and 30% felt their own jobs were entirely or mostly likely to be replaced.  Confidence in AI clearly outweighs understanding: just 22% of consumers believe they own or use an AI product even though 77% have a smartphone, 47% have GPS and 41% own a smart TV. 

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