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December 22, 2017

What Will Replace Paid Media?

Video Is Eating the Paid Media World: Magisto


Let’s wind up the year with some topics that we expect to be important in 2018. We’ll start with a pair of studies from video production tool vendor Magisto, which found American businesses spent $135 billion in 2017 on all types of video (not just marketing). The primary distribution channels are social media and company Web sites, so money for video is coming out of paid advertising budgets. Kind of a big deal.

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Voice Mail Marketing's Time Is Now: Ytel


The power of video is its ability to attract attention in world where buyers ignore most paid advertising. Multi-channel messaging vendor Ytel argues in this study that voicemail and SMS are other channels that break through the clutter, at least for B2B selling. They note that people listen to 97% of voicemails and open up to 97% of SMS messages within a six minutes, while email has a 22% read rate.  Yet email continues to dominate marketing budgets. Good point.

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Personalized TV Ads Are Closer Than You Think (or Want)

Wall Street Journal

Or should we go full retro and predict the rebirth of TV? Quite possible, so long as a it’s a modern, interactive TV that’s as good at spying on you personalizing your experience as your computer or mobile device. Here’s a Wall Street Journal article on three companies leading the way.

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