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November 7, 2016

Mobile Internet Overtakes Desktop, Foursquare Picks Drawbridge for Cross Device, Forrester and Verint Partner for CX

Mobile Page Views Outnumber Desktop Views Worldwide: StatCounter


This is one of those milestones that you either knew were coming or thought had already happened: Web analytics company StatCounter reports that October was the first month it tracked more Web page views on mobile phones and tablets than desktop PCs.  So just in case you still thought you could get by without mobile-friendly Web pages or could still rely on browser cookies alone for Web measurement, here’s yet another reminder that you’re wrong.  If you’re really looking for an excuse to procrastinate: desktop page views are still 58% of the U.S. total.

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Foursquare Adopts Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph for Cross-Device Identity


Wow, is this a coincidence or what?  Here’s a tidbit about cross-device identity recognition, which is essential for tracking mobile activity.  In this item we learn that the Foursquare social network has adopted Drawbridge as its “cross-device identity provider of record,” whatever that might mean.  The real feather in Drawbridge’s hat is that Foursquare tested competing cross-device identity vendors and Drawbridge got the rose.

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Forrester and Verint Partner to Measure Customer Experience


In something completely different, research firm Forrester and software vendor Verint have partnered to embed Forrester’s Customer Experience Index surveys within Verint Enterprise Feedback Management deployments.  Forrester will analyze data from the surveys, compare them to benchmarks, and display the results within the Verint solution.  This will help companies measure the quality of the experiences they’re providing and identify areas for improvement.

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