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January 10, 2018

Voice Changes Everything

Voice Changes Everything: Invoca Study


Voice-based devices get plenty of attention but I still don’t think people recognize how entirely they will change the world in general (the walls will literally be listening) and marketing in particular (no more visual advertising). This report from Invoca covers some of the territory, finding that 20% of searches are already done by voice, 61% of people will listen to voice ads, and 73% of voice assistant owners have already bought something through it. Can you hear me now?

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magia.ai Launches Human-Like Virtual Sales Assistant

Business Wire

The Invoca study found that complicated voice interactions still require humans. Many artificial intelligence vendors are working to change that. Here we have magia.ai, which just launched what it calls “the first truly autonomous-retail platform” to create “human-like selling interactions” by voice or text. The key is to understand free-form natural language and adjust responses accordingly. They tested it on wine recommendations, which must have been fun. Maybe they’ve crossed the uncanny Napa valley.

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Amazon Echo Owners Spend $400 More Per Year Than Prime Subscribers

Marketing Land

Still not convinced all this matters? A study reported in this Marketing Land article found that Amazon Echo owners spend $400 more per year than run-of-the-mill Amazon Prime subscribers. (I couldn’t find the study itself.) And here’s a look from Wired at Amazon’s world domination lab, a.k.a. Alexa Voice Services. Get ready for voice-enabled lightbulbs.

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