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January 11, 2018

Who's a CDP?

Segment CDP Integrates with Swrve


Customer Data Platform vendor Segment has been integrated with Swrve, a digital customer interaction engine. Lots of jargon in that sentence. In plainer English: Segment will make data from all sources available to Swrve, which will use it in marketing campaigns (mostly mobile, which is Swrve’s strength). Does that help?

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cleverbridge Adds Connections to Marketing Automation and Other Systems

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Ecommerce platform cleverbridge, which apparently can’t afford a capital C, has announced new Integration Services to connect with marketing automation, CRM, and other systems. The services are based on Scribe Software’s integration platform, which synchronizes data across partner systems. This doesn’t make cleverbridge a Customer Data Platform: it’s just passing data from system to system, not building a unified, persistent customer database.

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Sprinklr Adds Social DMP to Build Audiences


You know who else isn’t a CDP? Sprinklr. They’ve added a “Social DMP” to the social advertising module of their social media management system. Their language is distinctly CDP-ish: “Quickly unify unstructured CRM lists, offline data, and streaming data across multiple databases and any social channel”. But look closer and you see they’re creating audience segments, not tracking individuals. That’s what distinguishes DMPs from CDPs. Kudos to Sprinklr for getting the name right.

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