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November 8, 2016

Treasure Data Raises $25 Million, Emarsys Adds $22.3 Million, TrendKite Takes $16 Million

Treasure Data CDP Raises Another $25 Million to Support Growth

PR Newswire

Customer Data Platform vendor Treasure Data announced a $25 million funding round, bringing its total investment to $54 million.  The four year old firm has recently extended its focus beyond data integration for analytics to include data integration for customer management.  It has over 200 clients.

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Emarsys Adds $22.3 Million Funding for Its B2C Marketing Cloud


Austria-based B2C marketing cloud Emarsys has raised $22.3 million to expand R&D and fuel growth.  The round is the 16-year-old company’s second, following a $33 million raise in September 2015.  Emarsys has roots in email marketing but now builds a unified customer profile to supports mobile, SMS, Web personalization, and advertising with a heavy dose of machine intelligence along the way.  The company has more than 1,500 clients, mostly outside the U.S.

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PR Measurement Company TrendKite Takes $16 Million

Business Wire

CDPs don’t have all the funding fun: PR measurement company TrendKit has added $16 million to its $36 million investment total.  What’s to measure, you might ask?  Lots of stuff, including readership, share of voice, sentiment, social amplification, and message pull-through, as well as impact on search engine ranking, Web traffic, and audience engagement.  And they package it in presentation-ready graphics. (Irony alert: TrendKite doesn't publish its press releases on its own Web site.  Shoe maker's child or they know something I don't?).

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