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January 17, 2018

Comments on Facebook News Feed Change

Yet Another Comment on Facebook’s News Feed Change


There’s already been plenty of comment on Facebook’s plan to refocus the news feed on personal messages. My take is it's a clever defensive move to relinquish power over public opinion before national governments grab the company to secure that power for themselves. After all, being nationalized is bad for business and Facebook’s only real purpose is to make money. As it should be.

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Facebook Plans Video Chat Device with Facial Recognition


News that Facebook is creating its own video chat device was mostly overshadowed by the news feed change. The most intriguing rumor is the device will include facial recognition software, potentially letting Facebook track every user behavior without any user effort. There’s no reason to think anyone at Facebook even realizes this could be problematic. But let’s not single out Facebook: voice recognition means that every voice-activated device from Apple, Amazon, Google, and others has the same Big Brother potential.

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Facebook Least Trusted of Big Online Services: Verge Survey

The Verge

In fact, Facebook may be less dangerous than the others precisely because Facebook is so obvious about what they’re doing. This survey from The Verge found that Facebook and Twitter share the title of Least Trusted Tech Company, ranking well behind Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Google. (The survey was taken last Fall, when Facebook was already under fire but before the latest news feed changes.) A majority of respondents wanted Facebook to block violent, hateful, or untrue content, although good-sized minorities disagreed. If I were Facebook and didn’t want to decide what to block, maybe I’d just pull non-personal content out of the news feed altogether.

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