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January 18, 2018

CDP Institute Publishes Vendor Classification Plan

Usermind Raises $23.5 Million Series C to Unify Customer Data and Orchestrate Journeys


Customer engagement vendor Usermind has raised a $23.5 million Series C funding. Usermind assembles a unified customer profile by reading data directly from source systems, although it does keep a persistent copy of some portions. That puts it right on the border of CDP-land. It uses the data to orchestrate customer journeys.

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FullContact Buys Mattermark to Enrich Its B2B Data


B2B identity resolution vendor FullContact has acquired B2B data aggregator Mattermark. The deal will add information about four million companies and 20 million people to FullContact’s 15 million company, one billion person database.

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CDP Institute Publishes Vendor Classification Plan

CDP Institute

The CDP Institute has published a draft list of features to use in categorizing CDP vendors. The classification is an attempt to reduce confusion about what makes a CDP and how CDP vendors differ. Comments are welcome.

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