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January 23, 2018

Adobe Campaign Adds Hadoop Connector

Adobe Campaign Adds Hadoop Connector


Adobe has released a connector that lets its Adobe Campaign system read Hadoop data directly. It’s intriguing on more levels than I can discuss here. Let’s just note Adobe's blog comment that this lets Campaign access raw Hadoop data “without complex data migrations and transformations” as if they weren’t important.

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Data Privacy Compliance Specialist Integris Raises $1.5 Million More


Here’s a milestone of some sort: there’s now a system specifically built to visualize compliance with data privacy rules. That would be Integrity Software, which launched in 2016 and just raised $1.5 million, bringing its total to $4.5 million. GDPR is obviously the big driver here but we can hope that data privacy is being taken more seriously in general.

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Trilliant Health Offers Unified Data and CRM for Health Care Industry

Business Wire

Remember yesterday’s comment about industry-specific systems for customer data? Trilliant Health’s announcement of a unified data and CRM platform for hospital and health system data came too late to include. But I’m mentioning it now to reinforce the point.

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