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November 9, 2016

Tableau Moves Into Data Management, Zendesk Adds a Customer Data Store, DealerVault Controls Auto Dealer Data

Tableau Expands from Visual Analytics to 'Complete Data Play'


Tableau announced plans to become a complete data platform, extending backwards from its data visualization interface to data preparation tools, a high-scale in-memory database, natural language queries, and machine learning-based recommendations.  Customer data is just one part of the picture but surely an important one.

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Zendesk Wants to Own All Your Customer Data


Customer support giant Zendesk has relaunched itself as a collection of products including a data collector called Connect, which will unify customer information from all systems and make it available for segmentation, analysis, and campaigns.  This isn’t quite as unprecedented as it might sound: customer success firms like Gainsight have built unified databases for years.  But it’s definitely another contender hoping to be the center of your customer data universe.

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DealerVault Plays Traffic Cop for Auto Dealer Data

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Everybody wants to get in on the act.  DealerVault is a cloud-based system that manages the flow of customer data from auto dealers to their support vendors.  Since its launch three years ago, it has collected nearly 5,600 dealer customers, including 13 of the top 25 auto retailing groups, and connected with more than 450 vendor partners.  The system is much less flexible than a true Customer Data Platform but it does illustrate the appeal of separating the data platform from systems that use the data.  It’s also a safe bet that there are plenty of other industry-specific systems doing something similar.

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