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January 25, 2018

Screen6 Adds Real-Time Identity Graph Update

Screen6 Adds Real-Time Identity Graph Update

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Screen6 helps companies link mobile devices to personal profiles. It’s just announced it can update that data in real time, which lets it take advantage of the growing number of cookies (now 40%) that decay within 24 hours, something done to preserve privacy. So much for that.

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Facebook Improves Privacy Interface without Improving Privacy


Speaking of privacy, or lack thereof: Facebook scored what looks like a public relations coup by announcing a new “privacy center” that makes it easier to find and change privacy settings. No mention of changing the policies or options themselves. The new center is apparently required to comply with GDPR.

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Martech and Adtech Really Are Merging: Salesforce Study


Here’s an item that’s more related to the previous one than you might think: a study from Salesforce finds that email marketing and display advertising teams collaborate on technology purchases at 74% of U.S. companies today and plan to collaborate at another 20%. The driver behind this lions-with-lambs comity is use of email addresses to feed advertising audiences to, you guessed it, Facebook. Lots of other interesting information here, including usage of data types, technology, metrics, and new ad channels such as voice devices and wearables.

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