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January 31, 2018

Evergage CDP Buys MyBuys Targeting Business

Evergage CDP Buys MyBuys Targeting Business


Customer Data Platform and personalization vendor Evergage has purchased the MyBuys retail offer targeting business from online advertising company Magnetic. MyBuys merged with Magnetic in 2015. Evergage plans to move MyBuys customers onto the Evergage platform. It’s unusual to see one personalization company buy another. Sign of an overcrowded market, perhaps?

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Web Behavior Analytics Company ContentSquare Raises $42 Million Series C


Web experience analytics company ContentSquare has raised a $42 million Series C, bringing total funding to $62 million. ContentSquare captures individual-level Web site behaviors and supports testing of alternative Web experiences. It works with only anonymous profiles.

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Origami Logic Adds $15.2 Million Funding

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More money for analytics: marketing measurement expert Origami Logic has raised $15.2 million in a Series D, making their total $64.5 million. Origami Logic assembles data from all sources into dashboards and visualizations.

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