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February 1, 2018

How Companies Fail to Build Trust

Almost 90% of Online Retailers Don’t Take Basic Anti-Phishing Steps: 250ok Report


It goes without saying that building customer trust is essential for any company doing business online. Alas, it also often goes without doing. Email analytics vendor 250ok found that almost 90% of major online retailers don’t take basic steps to protect their customers from phishing attacks (where someone else sends an email claiming to be from the vendor to trick them into revealing personal information). Yikes!

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Fewer than Half of Companies Answer Customer Service Emails: SuperOffice Test


More maltreatment: CRM vendor SuperOffice found that 62% of customers didn’t respond to a customer service email. Just 20% answered questions on the first try while only 3% followed up to see if the customer was satisfied with their response.

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Google Makes It Easier to Block Retargeting Ads


Some better news: Google last week announced they’re making it easier for consumers to block retargeting ads. At least, that’s good news for consumers. Marketers might think otherwise.

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