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November 10, 2016

CallidusCloud Acquires Datahug, Couchbase Adds Analytics, Half of World Airports Track Visitors

CallidusCloud Acquires Datahug for Predictive Sales Forecasting Technology

Market Wired

CallidusCloud, which offers sales support and enablement applications, acquired Datahug Limited, a SaaS predictive forecasting and sales analytics company.  Datahug’s specialty is predictive analysis of sales pipelines but it will be the core of a new Predictive Analytics, AI and Machine Learning innovation center that will presumably develop other applications in the future.

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Couchbase NoSQL Database Adds Full Text Search and Real-Time Analytics


Couchbase, one of the leading NoSQL databases, announced new capabilities including full text search and real time analytics.  NoSQL databases are the foundation of many CDPs because they are much easier to work with than standard relational databases, especially when it comes to adding new data sources. 

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Unacast Study: Half of World Airports Will Track Visitors with Proximity Sensors

Business Wire

In case you’re wondering why we need all those fancy analytics and database technologies, here’s one reason: to use the new streams of customer data gathered by beacons and other sensors.  Unacast, which connects data from 2 million proximity sensors to online marketing platforms, reports in its Proxbook study that nearly half the world’s airports (48%) will implement commercial sensor deployments over the next three years.  Nearly all of them (90%) plan a major program or a trial project related to mobile apps.  Unacast’s business is enabling retailers and brands to retarget customers online based on accurate behavior in the physical space.

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