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February 6, 2018

Advanced Attribution and Marketing on Public Screens

Marketing Evolution Adds $20.6 Million to Grow Media Mix Optimization Business

Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution offers an advanced attribution methodology that uses individual-level data to recommend an optimal media mix. It’s complicated but worth exploring. They just raised $20.6 million, bring total investment to date to $24.6 million.

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IntuiLab Takes $3.7 Million to Build Touch-Screen Experiences


Another funding announcement: Toulouse-based IntuiLab has raised a $3.7 million Series A. IntuiLab provides tools to create and deploy touch-screen-based digital experiences without any programming. This is location-based marketing without location tracking, which could become more important if privacy rules actually limit marketers’ ability to track individuals.

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Accretive Media Offers Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home Media Buys Based on Individual Data

Accretive Media

Just-launched Accretive Media offers another version of marketing through public screens. In their case it’s ads on digital out-of-home displays in nearly 100,000 malls, train stations, restaurants, airports, and such. The ads are sold via programmatic bidding, relying on device tracking to know who is nearby and a pool of individual-level profiles to know their details. The company is notably vague on whether the ads are targeted at specific individuals (super-creepy!) or on an aggregate profile of people near a given screen at the time (more likely and probably a better way to do things).

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