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February 8, 2018

Evergage CDP Launches in Europe

Evergage CDP Launches in Europe


Yesterday’s news about Acxiom turned out to be great click-bait. Who knew? So here’s more vendor news: personalization and CDP vendor Evergage is opening a European operation with headquarters in exotic Stuttgart.

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Attentive Launches Mobile Messaging Platform with $13 Million Series A

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Who put the fun in funding? Perhaps whoever put the steal in stealth. In any case, Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform for retailers that just emerged from stealth with a $13 million Series A. They’ve found that text outperforms email to the tune of 10X more revenue per contact. No mess in those messages.

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B2B Data Vendor FullContact Buys Contacts+ Mobile Contact Manager


There might be some ire in acquire but this is getting tired. We’ll just report that B2B data enrichment vendor FullContact is buying Contacts+, a mobile contact management app with millions of users. FullContact mostly feeds it data into other systems through APIs but it does have its own mobile app, so this will expand its user base.

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