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February 9, 2018

Selligent Relaunches as Marketing Cloud and CDP

Selligent Relaunches as Marketing Cloud and CDP


I’m still not convinced that minor news about major vendors is the best use of this newsletter. But you seem to like it, Dear Reader. So here’s more. We’ll start with B2C marketing automation vendor Selligent repositioning itself as a marketing cloud including a Customer Data Platform. Data management capabilities do seem to meet CDP standards, including a highly customizable data structure and connectors for a wide variety of source and execution systems. We’re gonna need a bigger bandwagon.

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Adobe Uses AI to Tailor Marketing Content to Individuals


Adobe’s latest announcement involves tighter integration among their content creation and marketing systems, which is boring unless you happen to use them. More intriguing was news that their Sensei artificial intelligence system can now automatically tailor content to individual preferences and specific devices. Their example is an online restaurant menu that only shows vegan food to vegans. This is where Adobe’s combination of creative and marketing systems really gets powerful.

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Monetate Adds Report to Explain AI Decisions


Personalization vendor Monetate also has an AI-related announcement: they’ve added reporting to clarify the basis for their AI’s personalization decisions. This is noteworthy because AI’s inability to explain itself is often a stumbling block to adoption. Specifically, Monetate will now show which data categories most influenced individual decisions – a technique that’s been used for years with non-AI predictive models but is still not common in AI. The same information helps marketers uncover new customer segments.

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