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February 15, 2018

mParticle, LiveRamp, Windsor Circle

mParticle Adds GDPR Compliance Features


You were less interested than expected in Tuesday’s batch of CDP vendor news, Dear Reader. But I’ll continue to report on such things. Here’s an announcement that mParticle has added a batch of new features to help companies comply with GDPR rules for consent management and data requests. They’re among many (well, several) CDP vendors who are positioning themselves as partial solutions to GDPR requirements.

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LiveRamp Buys Pacific Data Partners to Add B2B Identities

Business Wire

On the other hand, you were more interested than I expected in last week’s news about Acxiom splitting into data and services divisions. So maybe you’ll also be excited to hear that Acxiom’s LiveRamp is acquiring B2B data compiler Pacific Data Partners. The move extends LiveRamp’s cross-channel identity resolution to include B2B contacts. This is actually kind of a big deal.

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Personalization Vendor Windsor Circle Bought by OSG

PR Web

And while we’re reporting on vendor acquisitions: personalization vendor Windsor Circle has been bought by OSG, which adds marketing messages to invoices, billing statements, and similar communications. Windsor Circle builds customer profiles using eCommerce data but no one has ever called them a CDP.

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