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February 19, 2018

BlueVenn Adds Marketing Agency Services

BlueVenn CDP Adds Marketing Agency Services


Many U.S. businesses are closed today so we’ll focus today on news from elsewhere. We’ll start with an announcement from UK (and U.S.)-based CDP vendor BlueVenn that they’ve added a range of data marketing services to help clients apply of BlueVenn technology. The services draw on the LEAP marketing agency that BlueVenn purchased in January.

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One-Third of UK Consumers Plan to Exercise GDPR Right to Be Forgotten: 7stars Poll

Computer Weekly

Also from Britain, 34% of respondents to media agency 7stars’ consumer poll said they would exercise their “right to be forgotten” under GDPR, which would require companies to erase the consumers’ data. Take this with a grain of salt, since 75% admitted they don’t understand GDPR in the first place. Better news: 32% of consumers said they’d trust brands more with their data as a result of GDPR. (Data as reported by Computer Weekly; I couldn’t find an online copy of 7stars survey itself.)

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European Marketing Stacks Less Fragmented the North American Stacks: Adobe & Econsultancy


Finally, Adobe and Econsultancy have just released the 2018 edition of their always-insightful Digital Trends report. In keeping with today’s theme I’ll highlight that 48% of North American companies have a fragmented martech stack, compared with just 42% in Europe and 40% in Asia Pacific.  European and Asia companies did lag a bit in adoption of cloud-based technology. Joining up online and offline data was 15th on the priority list, far behind social media engagement, content marketing, and targeting and personalization. Other surveys show similar results but it still seems odd that marketers think they can do good targeting and personalization without unified customer data. Lots more here of interest.

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