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February 20, 2018

Tapad Launches a CDP

Tapad Repositions Itself as Identity Vendor and CDP


Cross-device identity aggregator Tapad has repositioned itself as a general-purpose customer identity system. While they’re at it, they’ve launched what they call a Customer Data Platform. This does ingest first-party personally identifiable information, which is a core CDP requirement. But the real focus seems to be connecting with third party data in the Tapad device graph and using this to drive ad campaigns. At best, those are peripheral CDP use cases. At worse, they add still more confusion to the distinction between CDPs and DMPs.

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64% of Marketers Expect to Drop Probabilistic Matching and Cookies: Viant Report


Cross-device identity matching is one foundation for people-based marketing, a buzzword that boils down to coordinating the marketing messages received by each person across all channels. This report from Viant, another cross-device identity expert, argues that people-based identities should be built from registration data rather than cookies and probabilistic matches. No prizes for guessing how Viant does it. Still, it’s interesting that Viant found 64% of marketers believe the industry will stop using probabilistic data to target advertising within the next two years. That would be a massive change, especially outside of the walled garden universes of Facebook, Google, and the like. Other interesting data here too.

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Outbrain Launches Sphere Publisher Network to Share Premium Content

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The opposite of people-based marketing is content marketing, which markets to anyone interested in a particular topic even if you don’t know their identity. If privacy regulations and other changes make identification harder, you can expect content marketing to grow. That’s presumably the logic behind Sphere, Outbrain’s new, invitation-only network of publishers who will offer their content to each other’s audiences. It’s also positioned as a way for marketers to escape the walled gardens.

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