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February 22, 2018

Accenture Launches Service to Test New AIs

TinyClues Raises $18 Million for AI-Powered Product Selection


Artificial intelligence has become so common that it barely registers as a product differentiator. That must be frustrating to AI pioneers. If the folks at TinyClues are feeling that pain, they’ve eased it a bit with a $18 million Series B investment in their system, which uses retailers’ first party data to choose the best product for each individual in email, mobile push, direct mail, and Facebook campaigns. The company says its clients have increased campaign revenue by an average of 49%.

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Reltio Grows Its Self-Learning Data Platform


Sticking with AI but closer to CDPs, “Self-Learning Data Platform” vendor Reltio has launched the next version of its system. Reltio gathers and unifies data like a CDP, but also uses its AI magic to organize non-customer data such as product and supplier information. And it generates automated predictions of customer behaviors such as churn.

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Accenture Launches AI Testing Service


Data integration specialist SnapLogic has also announced its latest release, including AI-powered recommendations to help build integration pipelines and, as it happens, Reltio integration. But I’m more intrigued by an announcement from Accenture of a service to train and test new AI systems. Sign of the times and all that. Amazingly, they don’t claim to use AI as part of the process.

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