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February 23, 2018

Consumer Data Still Up for Grabs

Wibson Launches Blockchain-Powered Personal Data Marketplace

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Ok, blockchain marketplaces for consumers to sell their souls personal data are officially a thing. The latest is from Wibson, which will launch it at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. We’ve previously see similar offerings from Thrive, Dabble, and IOTA.

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Valassis Identifies and Retargets Anonymous Web Site Visitors


Or would marketers rather buy personal data the old fashioned way, from aggregators? Consumer media delivery company Valassis has added Valassis Remarketing Activation to its arsenal. It uses IP address and device IDs to identify anonymous Web site visitors, appends data about them from its files, and delivers personalized messages via email and direct mail.

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Consumers Reward Companies with Strong Data Protection: RSA Survey


Do consumers want marketers to have their data? One hint is that 41% in a RSA survey said they’ve given false information when filling out online forms. The most common reason was to avoid unsolicited communications. Consumers also take direct action: 54% said they avoid buying from companies known to mishandle consumer data and 50% are more likely to shop with companies that take data protection seriously. Just 11% said they never give any thought to companies’ reputations for data protection.

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