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February 26, 2018

CDP Institute Releases Vendor Comparisons

CDP Institute Releases Vendor Comparisons

CDP Institute

The CDP Institute has released a point-by-point comparison of 24 CDP products. The project is intended to help CDP buyers find the right products and to reduce confusion about how CDPs differ from other types of systems.

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#BoycottNRA Gets Interesting

Washington Post

This isn’t the place to discuss gun control but #BoycottNRA illustrates much about corporate involvement in social issues in general and Amazon and Google in particular. Already under attack as monopolists, their response to demands they sever ties with the National Rifle Association may have a major impact on public attitudes. Facebook has largely been on the sidelines of this one.

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Global “Belonging Deficit” is Brand Opportunity: IBM iX Study


Is it morally reprehensible to treat gun control as a business case study? Probably. But marketers have a long tradition of seeking private gain from public problems. Here’s one now: IBM iX, the company’s “next-generation experience design and digital consultancy”, explains how brands can take advantage of the “belonging deficit” plaguing modern society. Conveniently, they found “what’s good for people is also good for brands.” Two thumbs up.

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