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February 27, 2018

SmarterHQ Expands Customer Identity Resolution

SmarterHQ Expands Customer Identity Resolution


Personalization vendor SmarterHQ has released an identity resolution framework to track customers across time, channels and devices. They’ve always gathered data from multiple sources so presumably what’s new is improved matching methods. Maybe more interesting is that they consider identity resolution a feature worth promoting. File it under the same heading as Tapad repositioning itself as a CDP.

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Average Big Enterprise Runs 1,000+ Applications: MuleSoft Study


Is identity resolution over-hyped? After all, how many data sources could a company have? Well, 1,020 applications was the average in a MuleSoft survey of IT decision makers at large enterprises. Just 29% were connected despite integration absorbing 22% of IT budgets. Before you jump off a bridge, remember the study covered everything, not just marketing systems.

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Many Companies Use Multiple Web Marketing Products: Cardinal Path Study

Cardinal Path

Marketers do have plenty systems of their own. Marketing analytics agency Cardinal Path found about one-third of the top 1,000 internet retailers use multiple products for Web analytics, tag management, optimization and Data Management Platforms. Pretty much everyone uses Google Analytics and about half add something else (usually Adobe). A relatively low 13% use more than one tag manager. In that category, CDP vendor Tealium beats Google among the 50 largest companies and has a number two position in other segments. CDPs Ensighten and Signal also show up in the data.

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