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March 1, 2018

Customer Success Vendor Totango Raises $9 Million

Customer Success Vendor Totango Raises $9 Million


Customer success technology vendor Totango announced a $9 million Series D funding, bringing its total to $36.3 million. Systems like Totango connect data from all sources to build a complete customer view, but they’re not CDPs unless they also expose the raw details to other systems.

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Consumers Want Choice of Service Channels: Aspect Research


Customer service isn't the same thing as customer success.  Customer service vendor Aspect found that use of voice channels has decreased compared with online channels, even though customers prefer voice to everything except in-person interactions. Presumably the reason is that companies are pushing online options. This may be why consumers rated choice of channel as more important than personalized treatments. Aspect smells a business opportunity: 75% of consumers said they’d pay more for exceptional service.

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Real-Time Data Crucial for Great Customer Experience: Verndale Survey


Customer experience (CX) includes service, support, marketing, operations, and pretty much everything else. CX agency Verndale found the biggest challenges cited by CX professionals were lack of real-time data and operationalizing CX insights. Personalization was 9th from the top. Yet 92% said personalization is crucial to good CX and 51% said their organizations can’t deliver the personalization their customers want. No simple answers but much food for thought.

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