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March 5, 2018

Will AI Replace Business Analysts?

AI Analytics News from Luminoso, Tellius, and Clearstory Data

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Lots of AI-based analytics news today. We have Series A fundings from Luminoso ($12.6 million to do natural language analysis such as analyzing customer comments, understanding inquiries, and conversational search) and from Tellius ($7.5 million for a natural language query engine that finds interesting insights based on patterns within giant data sets.) Barking up the same tree, Clearstory Data has launched ‘Instant Data Discovery’ to find insights within blended data sets created by their automated data harmonization tools.

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Limited Analysis is Biggest Reporting Pain Point: Narrative Science Research

Narrative Science

Why so much interest in AI-based analytics? Because it’s really hard to do the old-fashioned way. This survey from natural language tech vendor Narrative Science finds that 62.5% of business decision makers say their biggest pain point is reports that don’t explain what the data means, while 53.8% of report authors say their biggest pain is lack of time do to in-depth analysis.

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Sentiment Grows to Regulate Tech Vendors: Axios Survey


AI vendors are careful to claim their tools will augment not replace human analysts, but who are they kidding? A survey by Axios on Survey Monkey finds that 55% of the U.S. adults expect technology to take away more jobs than it creates. Despite that, 82% think U.S. tech companies have a positive economic and social impact. On yet another hand, 55% feel government won’t do enough to regulate tech companies (up from 40% in October, Axios notes) and 55% feel social media hurts democracy and free speech. The liberal/conservative splits are interesting – and not necessarily what you’d expect.

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