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March 7, 2018

RedPoint Global Releases Packaged Solution for Retailers

RedPoint Global Releases Packaged Solution for Retailers

RedPoint Global

CDP vendor RedPoint Global has launched a packaged solution for retailers, including predesigned data models and campaign flows. The new offering is cheaper and faster to deploy than RedPoint’s flagship Customer Engagement Hub. Unlike the Engagement Hub, the retail solution runs only on the Azure SQL database, only ingests data through batch files, and is limited to email, SMS, direct mail, and Web site channels. It is targeted at retailers with $250 million to $1 billion in revenue.

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Nearly All Retail Journeys Combine Online and In-Store Events: iVend Retail Study

iVend Retail

Nearly all retailers need a cross channel system because nearly all shoppers cross channels while buying. This study from retail management tech vendor iVend Retail found that 91% of shoppers research online before buying in a physical store and 84% browse a physical store before buying online. Just over 60% use their smartphones while they’re in the store itself. Other interesting info here too.

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Maybe Consumers Could Sell Their Data: NY Times

New York Times

You know a tech trend is old news when it reaches the New York Times. True to form, the paper has breathlessly reported the some people think companies should pay consumers for their data – an idea that’s the basis of four businesses we’ve mentioned previously ((Wibson, Thrive, Dabbl, and IOTA) and three more we haven’t gotten around to (YourBlock, Nucleus.Vision and Momentum). Bear in mind it takes a year or two for such companies to gestate, so this is all very 2015. Bizarrely, the Times piece never mentions blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which are the heart of current data-selling schemes.

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