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March 9, 2018

BlueVenn CDP Connects to FullContact for Data Enrichment

BlueVenn CDP Connects to FullContact for Data Enrichment


CDP BlueVenn has added a connector for consumer and business data aggregator FullContact. BlueVenn users will be able to enrich existing customer profiles with FullContact data, including cross-channel identifiers to improve identity matching. FullContact has been expanding enrichment partnerships: its Web site lists an existing connector for the Lytics CDP and a planned connector for Segment.

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Mapp Digital Relabels Products as Mapp Cloud

Mapp Digital

Mapp Digital, a mash-up created by Marlin Equity from Blue Hornet and parts of the Teradata Marketing Application business, is now calling its technology suite the Mapp Cloud. It’s not clear whether anything is new beyond the label. Then again, functions already span data aggregation, analytics, campaigns, and execution across email, mobile, Web, social, and advertising channels.

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Apptentive Adds Text Analysis to App Feedback Collection


Apptentive lets mobile app developers display event-triggered messages and surveys. They’ve just added a semantic engine to classify and analyze text comments on surveys, messages, and reviews. Nice product extension.

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