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March 13, 2018

GDPR Leads Drawbridge to Shut European Media Business

GDPR Leads Drawbridge to Shut European Media Business

Ad Exchanger

Many marketers have gone beyond acceptance of the European Union’s GDPR privacy rules and convinced themselves that GDPR will ultimately help their business. Cross-device identity company Drawbridge has dumped a bucket of ice water into that warm bath with news that it is shutting down its EU advertising business and closing its London office because of GDPR. Drawbridge will continue its identity data business, although it’s still trying to figure out how to make that GDPR-compliant.

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Nordstrom Buys Two Retail Tech Companies

Retail Info Systems News

In cheerier news, high-touch retailer Nordstrom has purchased two customer technology companies: mobile clienteling app BevyUp and messaging-based e-commerce system MessageYes. The deal is apparently about adding expert staff as much as using the specific products.

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Kradle Offers Do-It-Yourself Process Builder for Small Business

PR Newswire

Nordstrom is beefing up its tech staff, but what if tech were so easy that workers could just build their own systems? Australia-based Kradle just launched a system that lets small and mid-size business workers do exactly that, at least to the extent of creating automated process flows. Companies that tried this in the past have discovered that ease of use isn’t enough: workers need a lot of help figuring out what to do with these superpowers.

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