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March 15, 2018

Salesforce Launches New Small Business Editions

Salesforce Launches New Small Business Editions


Let’s give you some product news today, Dear Reader, because we know you like it. Salesforce has announced versions of its Sales and Service cloud products tailored for small business. Price is $25 per user per month, which is the same as their previous lowest tier. It’s not clear what’s different.

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Episerver Adds AI-Driven Content Selection


Web content management and ecommerce vendor Episerver has added a module for AI-driven content selection. It complements the system’s existing on-site search, product recommendations, event-triggered messaging, and email personalization capabilities. The new module can pick the best sequence of content for each individual over time.

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Half of Marketers Want Less Tech


I couldn’t find any other product news worth mentioning, so here’s some anti-product news instead: programmatic software vendor Centro found that 51% of marketers and 30% of agencies feel they have too many tools already. Most work with more than a dozen ad tech systems and routinely use several tools that do the same thing. You won’t be surprised that unified measurement and data integration are major pain points.

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