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March 16, 2018

Still More Ways for Consumers to Sell Their Data

SRAX Offers Revenue Sharing for Consumer Data Sales

MarTech Today

This notion of consumers selling their own data just won’t go away. This newsletter has covered several vendors and our sister blog Customer Experience Matrix recently took a deeper look. Now here’s a MarTech piece announcing yet another product, from SRAX, and casually mentioning two others, Datum and Data Wallet. As the Customer Experience Matrix piece shows, business models vary considerably and many of these are more about building advertising audiences than paying people for their data.  Seller beware.

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Digital2Go Adds Location to Blockchain-Based Data Sharing


Digital2Go Media Network captures location data from mobile devices via mobile apps. It sells the data and can also send targeted messages. Its press release says it compensates mobile device users for sharing their information but doesn’t provide details. The Web site doesn’t mention such payments at all. They are working with the NEM blockchain / cryptocurrency, which just raised the crypto-equivalent of $1 million for them.

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oneAudience Adds Its Mobile Profiles to Adobe Audience Manager


oneAudience also builds profiles of mobile device users with data collected from partners and sells the result for advertising and analytics. No mention of compensating the individual users. They just made their data available through Adobe Audience Manager.

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